It’s me! My name is Aga (full name in Polish: Agnieszka) and I’m a surface pattern designer. I help brand owners make their products beautiful, unique and loved by the customers.

I specialize in the watercolor illustrations inspired by nature: its colors, movements and textures. I also like to experiment with other techniques when curious 🙂

I put 100% heart and engagement in every project and collaboration I undertake. Observing my patterns come to live on my client’s products, ending up in customers’ hearts 💗 and homes around the world give me so much joy and satisfaction.

For these emotions and passion, a few years ago I’ve left my job in the client service department in a big advertising agency and started to learn designing and graphic programs from zero . After a year my first projects have hit the market and today I’m a living proof that it’s worth chasing dreams and totally possible to change a career path at any age.

Privately I live in Warsaw, the Polish capital. I love to travel with my husband in a slow pace, on our own path, discover beautiful places and taste delicious dishes! I’m fascinated by wild nature, cultural diversity and human creativity, also I’m interested in marketing, advertising and lifestyle trends. I love SF & fantasy novels and movies and I collect beautifully illustrated children books 🙂

I’m a psychologist by education so listening to people and caring for understanding clients’ needs are in my blood. When working with me you can expect many questions. Unless you don’t want to answer them – I can understand that 🙂